Call for Papers: Advanced Geoinformatics for DRA and Emergency Response

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Release Date: 2022-03-21 Visited: 

Special Issue: 

Advanced Geoinformatics for Disaster Risk Assessment and Emergency Response


Natural hazards and disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, floods, and forest fires cause human casualty and property losses. The desire for an efficient and effective way to reduce disaster impacts calls for significant new technologies in both dynamic risk assessment and quick response strategy. Advanced spatial information technologies, for example remote sensing, global positioning system, and geographic information systems are paving the way to monitor what has happened in a disaster area. Artificial intelligence provides a powerful approach to mine meaningful information and obtain knowledge from the big data. Furthermore, disaster response and relief efforts of communities, governments, and nongovernmental organizations require optimal coordination of potential supply and demands of disaster areas. 

In order to deal with the challenges, this special issue aims to create a forum for researchers to present their original work with strong methodological focus on the modeling and optimization related issues under the framework of risk assessment and disaster risk reduction (DRR). We believe that this will benefit both the academic community and DRR practioners. The editors solicit original research papers and review articles that cover the themes of advanced optimization techniques to solve the problems of a specific application.

Topics Covered:

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  1. 1.Intelligent early warning for abnormal earth surface events by real-time remote sensing

  2. 2.Dynamic decision support for disaster risk reduction through risk assessment

  3. 3.Dynamic simulation of floods and risk assessment

  4. 4.Early warning for forest fires by dynamic risk assessment

  5. 5.Quick response approaches to earthquakes and geohazards

Guest Editors:

Dr. Hong Tang, Beijing Normal University, Email:

Dr. Binbin He, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Email:

Dr. Hongquan Sun, National Institute of Natural Hazards, Ministry of Emergency Management of China, Email:

Important Deadline: 

The deadline of manuscript submission is 31 December 2022.

Other Information:

Submission Instructions


Submission Website

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Release Date: 2022-03-21 Visited: